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2018 Mixtape

Since 2013 we have published an annual mixtape of exciting new music by Goldsmiths students and alumni. The mixtape is a great way for burgeoning and unsigned artists to get their music ​out there. For the listener, it's a brilliant source of fresh, unreleased sounds.

Each year we commission an acclaimed artist or DJ to mix the tracks. This year we are lucky enough to have Chloe Frieda of London label and NTS Radio show Alien Jams on board.

Full tracklist below.

Mathilde Battaile - People at Night, Guided by the Phosphorescent Tracks of Snails
Charles Vaughan - Waiting Up
Prima Queen - Mexico
Nelson Parade - You Make the Human Race
Ivan d'Avoine - Running
Elif Ecem Ozkan - Enter Neurons
Lizzy Laurence - As Soon as I Got Saved
Sona Koloyan - Like Any Other Night
Rosie Alena - Who Do I Call
Emily Izen Row - Luna
Funeral for a Bird - Plastic
Glasxs - Goodnight Forest
COAB - Geographies we Can Process
Clare Kelly - Less Alone
Eleanor Ferrand - Do You Like Lillies
Esteban Vargas - Comiénzame a vivir
Anti Social House Party - Little Shit
Josh Wolfsohn - Twat
Sasha Antoine - Funked Up Fantasy
Richard M Hunt - Warm house, warm heart
Svi - Like a child
Clare Kelly - Citrus Kisses
Prokhor Kuznetsov - Midnight Walk
Paul Reynolds - Feel the Cold
Saint Torrente - Spanish Hail Mary
Gaspar Narby - Clouds
Inconnia - Midnight Lullabye
Captainhookkeepsthemhooked - Embark
Rhumba Club - Body Control
Literally Who - Skeleton Seduction Dance
Skwodam - The Pink One
Monelise - Memory (Caruso)
Madelaine Smyth - Sonic Art Piece
Hee Im - The Cuts
Will Harvey - U L T R A

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