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Each year we publish a mixtape of music by Goldsmiths students and alumni. It never fails to be an inspirational source of new work, and has grown to be one of the most impressive projects we run at NX.

We also run an intermittent guest mix series, and have hosted mixtapes created by local young people, for Lewisham Live Festival. You can access them all below.

2024 Mixtape

NX mixtape 2023 10th edition.png

2023 Mixtape

Erased Tapes

2018 Mixtape

Screenshot from the VALVE app.png

Daisy Mae

NX mixtape no callout info.png

2021 Mixtape

Adela Mede

Dream Deferred art.jpeg

Dream Deferred Vol. 1

NX Mix 2019 simple.png

2019 Mixtape

2020 mixtape flyer no text.png

2020 Mixtape

LL mix flyer 2021.png

Lewisham Live

Mixtape 2021


New Formosa Records

james l malone glitch studies.jpg

James L Malone

2022 mixtape flyer no text.png

2022 Mixtape



LL mix flyer 2020.png

Lewisham Live

Mixtape 2020

Lewisham Live mixtape flyer 2019.png

Lewisham Live

Mixtape 2019

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