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2020 Mixtape

Since 2013 we have published an annual mixtape of exciting new music by Goldsmiths students and alumni. The mixtape is a great way for burgeoning and unsigned artists to get their music ​out there. For the listener, it's a brilliant source of fresh, unreleased sounds.


We latest edition is no exception, veering from meditative electronics to joyous pop, gothtronica and mind boggling sonic art.


This year, there is an option to buy the mixtape via our bandcamp. All proceeds will be donated to Lewisham Live Festival - an organisation that creates unique opportunities for children & young people to showcase and develop their talents in the performing arts.

James Creed - Deer Isle III (electronics)
Finn Page Davies - Warts
bb sway - 10 feet tall
Adela Mede - JOIN ME
Caslean Wong - Sweet Adventure
Flightless Plains - Celestine
Haley Fishberger - Hazel Eyes
Harry Baker - New World
Harry Rodger - Kindling
Thibaut Vandame - I Know What I Need
ACAB Brik - Ain't Love (prod. Yung Ivy)
Josh Grey Jung - U World Without A
Kaspar Tosin - Balance
Liv K - When the Storm Moves
Matt The Seeker - The Art of Being Human
Oscar Roche - La Da Da Di Do Da
Portamento - Chasing Tails
Rachel Heavey - mary_rysamp_mc_non
Sam Hostettler - Yesterday or Forever
Tom Griffiths - Frédéric
Skwodam - The Yellow One
Strangelove - Johanna
Theo Williams - Sea of Brown
Toby Woodroffe - I've done nothing today (meaty logs. Antelope)
Yodashe - Akin
Tokyokyoto - Sanctify Me
Sam Wray - No Story Without Struggle
Most THings - Ashtray Conversation
Toulip Wonder - Talk to Me
tremr - INSOMNIA
kiki - Lost & Locked

Lizzy Laurence - Violet

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