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2021 Mixtape

Since 2013 we have published an annual mixtape of exciting new music by Goldsmiths students and alumni. The mixtape is a great way for burgeoning and unsigned artists to get their music ​out there. For the listener, it's a brilliant source of fresh, unreleased sounds.


This year is a mammoth edition of the mixtape: three hours of fresh music, flipping from crystal clear pop to orchestral drone, via fidgety prog and intricate techno. Enjoy!

NX mixtape no callout info.png

Armando Gonzalez - This Holowness

Edgar Ndazi - God Only Knows How Much I Miss You

Dahlia - Bouquet to Grain Growers

Finn Page - Billion (Fast Cassette Mix)

Rumi Ry - Zizz

Matt the Seeker - Heartbreak Holds On

MA NI TU - Weight of Waves

Rachel Heavey - nx_rh_21_1

Andree Martis - Flow On

Kaspar Tosin - Remix 2

Brand New Moon - Look Inside

Simon Brunel - Under and Overseas

Jinja - In Her Twenties

Sofi Vonn - Stranger

Matilda Bates - 4PM

Leo Lore - Billie

Tegan Nicholls - Sleep

Jaffro - Cold White Room

Ex-Nemesis - More

Eve Hunter - Space

Owen Duff - Lightless

joseph brown - Conceit

Maddy Carver - For My Friends

Tenacity - Wish

Casey Tufnell - On the Floor

Stuey Valentoni - Star Hymn

Yodashe - Salarywomxn


Bojack - Flotsam

Nicola Lemos - 19 de Abril

James Grace - Archangel

Cape Orange - Roundabouts

Aaron Feeney - Cyprian

Cheap Crap Community - The Constant Sideface

Yanna A - Carry

DJGoldieLookinSmitherz - Kick it, Kev

Jeer - Cactus

Men of Similar Age - Celebrity Impersonator

KRI - Same form, different time

Evil Data Religion - One Nervous Person Makes Another Nervous Person Even More Nervous

Sol King - Inky Black

Roe Maclin - Good Rain

Tamsin Alawa - Breathless

Portamento - Reaching Out (for a friend)

Josef Kašpar + Haroun Yamou - WANT U GONE (Live)

Samuel D. Loveless - Lamentations of Innocence

James Creed - Piano Study 6

Robert Murray Jamieson - CIRCLE AND DOT

Elaine Cheng - Resume

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