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2022 Mixtape

Since 2013 we have published an annual mixtape of exciting new music by Goldsmiths students and alumni. The mixtape is a great way for burgeoning and unsigned artists to get their music ​out there. For the listener, it's a brilliant source of fresh, unreleased sounds.


Once again, we have been bowled over by the response to our mixtape callout this year. The 2022 collection is as long, ambitious, varied, deeply conceptual and downright catchy as ever. Thanks to all our participants, and have a listen below!

xmal - Animation
Seren 4 Ever - Cellophane
JYLDA - So Alive
Portamento - The Ritual
Brunnera - Cornet Acoustic
Luca Venerus - Fagus
thatwhichcrawls - Bowed Branches
Tenacity - Overflow (Featuring Ekin Oykener)
Trulywak - 4saxophonie
Yodashe - Visualization
Nino Amoroso - Riding For A Fall
Henry Coke - Silent Cries
Big Coco - Project 4
Bob Braun - Miss Dials
B.LOV£ - Close My Eyes
Lucy Bell - Daydreams
Madala - Them
Emmélin - Ripple Of Still
FLOCO - Heave My Heart
Freda D'Souza - Windowledge
Hanna Bohlin - Virum Varum Villa
Novalo - Leaky Ceilings
jjoseph brownn - And That Amazed Them All
Katogo & Mono Works - Return Home
Devansh - To Feel Free
Kirjava - Let God Bare Her Teeth
Hypereyess - FLOR
Ridhi Tiwari - Come on Get up
Dark Matter Project - Outer Limits
Sharon Gal - The Call
rainrainRainbow - Timespace

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