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2023 Mixtape

Since 2013 we have published an annual mixtape of exciting new music by Goldsmiths students and alumni. The mixtape is a great way for burgeoning and unsigned artists to get their music ​out there. For the listener, it's a brilliant source of fresh, unreleased sounds.


In the tenth anniversary of our sprawling, beautiful mixtape series, we present a mammoth mix in four parts. Edited by DJ George, each section is a journey in its own right, taking the listener's hand as we traverse through neo-classical, angular rock, glacial electronics, and sonics that refused to be pigeonholed.

Section 1
Ally - Wonder
Taj - Don’t Let Them Take From You
Default Swap - Geist
9MP - Hotel Algae
ZASPA - break 2.5 + 2.4
FLOCO - About You

Section 2
Bob Braun - Rotten Fruit
John Fleming - Patient
Sonnenberg - Slowly
Veronica Bianqui - Unfuck Yourself
Yodashe - Easter
Ben Dixon - Modularambient
Aural Air - Karman Line
Louis Gardner - a whisper feels good

Section 3
Sophia Hansen - Knarhoi - Disguise
Mullen Sigal - Everything Together Sounds Better
tremr - clockwatching
tape_2046 - stoker
Edgar Ndazi - Your Identity
Ollie & Marcin - Hatcham

Section 4
George Rayner-Law - Indulgent Spaces
Lora - Anything for You
Worm Grunting - Lost Whale
George Rayner-Law - Indulgent Spaces
LAMIA - Paradox (Stina Francina Remix)
Mono Works - Scattered Songs
Cascade - Tangerine

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