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2024 Mixtape

Welcome to the 11th edition of our fabulous annual mixtape. Each year, Goldsmiths students delight, shock and bop us with the variety and quality of their musical output. The NX mixtape is an enduring showcase of their talent and creativity.

This year's tape was mixed by Michael Papadopoulos.


Ruby Dew - Lift Off
Vincent Sungmin - Shivering Beauty, Shatters My Heart
Louis Gardner & Dillon Harrison - Stuck in a Rut
Phoebe Coco - The Dog Sleeps
Bea Hebron (with Merrick Winter) - Finders Keepers
Heavadny - Didn’t Like the Cold
Bernadette Lara - Do You Want to Sell Your Soul to Me
Jun Chen - Not Thall Enough
Blofish - Palette
Talia Hunter - Is This the Place
Makenna Muqing Liu - Listen to the Tide


Kleptofirm - Live at Hill Station Cafe
Hostmigrate - Applet
9MP - Not Even a Minute of
Jiawei Chong - Knot
Jake Object - Impending Doom
Tess Richards - sgz
Zak Masur - Track 2
Goldsmiths Laptop Ensemble - Clang, Shake, Whirl: An Improvisation with the Hugh Davies Collection)
Yodashe - MRKTPLC
Dingling Ying - Cumulus Fractus
Anirudh Krishna Sathyanarayanan - Thrishanku Heaven

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