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NX Mix #4 // Daisy Mae

Screenshot from Bjork's VR video for Sto

Here's a brilliant mix from musician, audiovisual aficionado (and Goldsmiths Sonic Arts MA grad) Daisy Mae. When Daisy isn't crafting computer music, she also runs The AV Library. More words from the artist herself on her beautiful mix, below >>

"I like to make monthly playlists of music I’ve been listening to, so here I’ve chosen some of those tracks that were the most transformative for my own tastes and practices. My work consists mainly of audiovisual compositions, so I’m really interested in the relationship of sound with our other sensory experiences and the resulting effect on the listener.

For the track Valve by Visible Cloaks they collaborated with computational artist Brenna Murphy to create an interactive app where the user can affect the dimensions of a 3D shape, as it morphs and oscillates with the sound. Stonemilker was used for a VR experience in Björk’s exhibition Björk Digital, alongside other tracks from Vulnicura. It intensified the intimacy and heartbreak of that album in a way I think you’d only otherwise experience in a live performance. AV compositions can transport you spatially and temporally in an expansive way that I’m very drawn to, and I think some of the other artists featured do this purely musically too. Bosaina and Grouper’s use of field recordings reference perhaps unknown places, and the appearance of keyboard instruments in many of the pieces feels very nostalgic to me."

Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Old Melody
Grouper - Driving 
Visible Cloaks - Valve (Revisited)
Bosaina - Abalone on the Grass
Laurie Spiegel - Dirge II
Bjork - Stonemilker
Sarah Davachi - Waking
Jenny Hval - The Dreamer Is Everyone in Her Sleep
Kelly Moran - Radian
The Longing of the Yawning Divide
Claire M Singer - Wrangham
Midnight Sister - Their Eyes

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