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NX Mix #2 // Erased Tapes

We're beyond proud to present the second broadcast in our mix series, courtesy of the mighty Erased Tapes. The London based label has nurtured and promoted avant-garde artists from all over the world for almost ten years whilst remaining genre-defying and truly independent. We were lucky enough to meet the Erased Tapes crew at their wonderful Piano Day event this spring.


In the words of Chloe from Erased, who kindly put this together for us: "I find the selected tracks for this mix to each be unique and eclectic in their textures and sound pallet. I especially love Hatis Noit Angelus Novus, how a single layer of organic vocals can be so captivating that grow into this immense and powerful layer of noise. This mix takes you on a journey exploring ambient soundscapes leading into a dark void."

Crypt Thing - Noto | Sakamoto | Spiegel - Logic Moon Drums
Ursula K. Le Giun & Todd Barton - A Teaching Poem / Heron Dance
Pan Daijing - Phenomenon
Hatis Noit - Angelus Novus
City - End Zone
Lumisokea - Jenseits Dub
JASSS - Oral Couture
Dalhous - He Was Human And Belonged With Humans
Black Rain - Now I’m Just A Number
Zoë Mc Pherson - Deep (prayer)
E-Saggila - Green Zone
Shed - Estrange
Susumu Yokota - Live Echo

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