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NX Mix #5 //

James L Malone

James L Malone glitch studies.jpg

The latest NX Mix comes is a formidable slab of noise from Mmus Creative Practice student and experimental artist James L Malone. Check out James's recent record Glitch Studies over at the FD Label, an intriguingly bleak home for "experimental music on the fringes of improvisation, electronic music and noise."


Hecker - Bsf-tyk 5
John Wiese - Sad Psychics
lll人 (Daichi Yoshikawa, Paul Abbott and Seymour Wright) - BORCI (extract)
Giant Swan - Pax Britannica
Russell Haswell - 16:02.84, 2002, Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt
Iannis Xenakis - S709
James L Malone - Aberrant Sensuality 
Dewey Redman, Cecil Taylor & Elvin Jones - Nine

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