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James M. Creed

James Creed press shot 1.jpg


James M. Creed is a British-American musician based in south-east London. His music is mostly concerned with recasting simple and familiar materials and the questions posed by notation. Principally a score-maker, most of his scores are open-ended things that outline some central elements but leave much of a piece’s sounding properties in the control of performers. He is particularly influenced by the music of Laurence Crane, Kali Malone, Julius Eastman and Antoine Beuger.

With the inherent variance of each score in mind, Southcote, the first album of James's pieces, is a symmetrical release: five pieces are interpreted twice, with one side of realisations for piano by Fernando Yada Rodrigues and another of realisations for electronics by the composer. Recorded in the Berkshire countryside in late spring, the release is a quiet thing made in a turbulent year. All scores are freely available here 

Southcote is released via NX on cassette tape this October.

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