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NX Mix #3 // New Formosa

New Formosa shop front.jpg

New Formosa Records was the brainchild of Goldsmiths Popular Music MA student Catherine Yu-Lin Chang. Sprouting for a week in our temporary exhibition space at 310 New Cross Road, New Formosa was an imagined record shop made real; the walls heaved with expertly curated records, beautiful artwork and video installation - all in exploration of the apparently thriving Taiwanese independent music scene. 

We'll miss having New Formosa around the corner, but it's not goodbye just yet, as Catherine has put together this brilliant mix for us, highlighting some of the most exciting current pop, indie and weird music Taiwan has to offer. More words from Catherine below!

Prairie WWWW - Floral Cluster

Prairie WWWW is an experimental folk band. The music combines poetry, folk, ambient and tribal elements. The band seeks inspiration from the might of nature, and include visual arts in their performances. They were invited to perform at Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia in 2016 and Barcelona Primavera Sound in 2017.

Sunset Rollercoaster - My Jinji

The most representative city-pop band in Taiwan. Their music combines multiple genres, from soul, garage to psychedelic rock and synth-pop.


9m88, aka Baba, is a Taiwan-raised, New York-based musician. After arriving in NY as a Jazz voice major, she has broadened her interest in various genres of music, including Jazz, R&B, Pop, and Free Improvisation. Baba is also known for infusing music with vivid visuals. Her music usually deals with personal bitter-sweet stories on a daily basis. After releasing her debut 7 inch vinyl “Nine Head Hinano” with indie label 2manysound in 2017, 9m88 is working on her first EP.


LEO37+SOSS - They Don't

Leo Shia is known as an independent musician, rapper, turntablist, filmmaker and event coordinator, accompanied by the all-star music group SOSS. Over 100 live performance after inception, they finally release their debut project “Be Well World” fusing hip-hop, reggae, funk, soul, jazz, and blues.


Wayne's So Sad - Taipei Ocean

A six-piece punk rock band formed in 2009 in Taipei, Taiwan. Influenced by punk alternative rock artists such as Billy Bragg, Johnny Cash, Ramones and also Taiwanese pop genre of the late 90s. Wayne’s So Sad sing out a pessimistic narrative of the current generation.


No Party For Cao Dong - Wayfarer

The latest great band emerge from Taipei’s vibrant indie scene. Influenced by everything from indie to grunge, and disco to metal, the four-piece create sonic soundscapes that run the gamut from shrieking emotion to infectious melodies. No Party For Cao Dong is going on their first Europe Tour in the end of 2018.


Triple Deer - Urban Shepherd

Triple Deer is a post-rock band formed in 2012 in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Triple Deer's music is strong but gentle. Comparing to other post-rock bands, their sound is more "tender and feminine" - not because they have more females in the band, but they present the most vulnerable and sensitive sides of themselves in their music. Triple Deer released their very first studio album "Urban Shepherd" last year and tour around Taiwan, winning acclaim for their amazing works and stunning performance. 


2HRs - Spin

A rising star of Taiwanese Post-Rock scene. Having the Violin as a lead instrument, they look quite different from other post-rock bands. Their music creates an inspiring listening experience for the audience.


Elephant Gym - Midway

Bass-driven, math rock collective from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, consisting of siblings KT Chang and Tell Chang on bass, keyboard vocals and guitar, and Tu Chia-Chin on drums. ‘Elephant’ refers to the bass, and ‘Gym’ symbolizes musical gymnastics that revolve around basslines.


VOOID - Campari

Led by the talented musician Shen-Hao Hom, formed in 2016. VOOID launched their debut psychedelic lo-fi album through Hom’s independent label Petit Alp Records. They have been constantly touring around Asian cities.


The Fur. - Short Stay

An indie pop band formed in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Their songs contain the element of drum machine, synths, electric guitars, and vocals, creating a catchy, and romantic figure. They have just finished Europe tour in 2018 and currently preparing for their debut album.


Unfamiliar Friends Party - U.F. PIG

With their experience in composing music on laptops, the electronic-rock setup, and on stage performances, combined with their passion for electronic dance music.


The Tic Tac

The Tic Tac is a Taiwanese indie rock band, formed in 2008 by Chad Hsu. Their music focuses on alternative country with aggressive fuzz sounds of guitar, delivering their observation of modern society through the lyrics. 


Yujun Wang & TIMEr

Yujun Wang is a singer-songwriter explore the border between music and sound as well as the dialogues among performing arts, literature, poetry. Yujun Wang & TIMEr’s music combines with classic, folk, jazz and improvisation.

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