Rocheman is a London stage music composer and sound designer. Five years in the making, his eponymous debut album careens a hazy path through post-punk, new-wave and electronica.

Rocheman's sound both fights and embraces the bedroom production aesthetic; this is neither entirely digital or analogue, clinical or DIY. Rather it is a multitude of alien textures, parallel world harmonies and "other voices" beckoning our baritone protagonist from off-stage. Theatrical references are apt as Rocheman finds inspiration in the stylised, uncompromising works of David Lynch, Wong Kar-Wai and Apichatpong Weerasethakul. The result is pop music with a weight of grandeur and orchestral ambition, all tempered by a homespun gauze.   

With his staunch avant-pop outlook and sonorous delivery, lines can also be drawn between Rocheman's work and that of Broadcast or Scott Walker. On album opening "Windmill", his shimmering fragility recalls Sufjan Stevens or Julia Holter. Later on, "Mottled" and "Old Sign" reveal a skittish psychedelia and capricious vocal lines reminiscent of Animal Collective or Grizzly Bear.

Rocheman is available now on beautiful marbled vinyl.​


"An enchanted collection of avant-garde lounge chansons tempered with offbeat electronic textures"

Uncut 7/10

"Cinematic and swooning. All in all it’ll have you thinking of Scott Walker and that is obviously a very good thing" 


"As debuts go, Rocheman’s is as intriguing as it is impressive" 

Gold Flake Paint