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Rocheman is a London stage music composer and sound designer. Five years in the making, his eponymous debut album careens a hazy path through post-punk, new-wave and electronica.

Rocheman's sound both fights and embraces the bedroom production aesthetic; this is neither entirely digital or analogue, clinical or DIY. Rather it is a multitude of alien textures, parallel world harmonies and otherly voices beckoning our baritone protagonist from off-stage. 

Rocheman is available now on beautiful marbled vinyl.​


"An enchanted collection of avant-garde lounge chansons tempered with offbeat electronic textures"

Uncut 7/10

"Cinematic and swooning. All in all it’ll have you thinking of Scott Walker and that is obviously a very good thing" 


"As debuts go, Rocheman’s is as intriguing as it is impressive" 

Gold Flake Paint

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