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We're beyond proud to present the debut release by wisconsin-raised songwriter and producer aden. "the semifinals" sees deeply personal, unfinished journeys weaving through time and space, dense jazz acapella and thundercat-esque bass, via analogue synths housed at the legendary Goldsmiths electronic music studio. Recommended if you like bobby mcferrin, blood orange, joni mitchell, nai palm, solange.

aden recently completed an MMus in Creative Practice, at Goldsmiths. "the semifinals" is out via cassette and digital on nov 22, with a launch party at the nx records shop.​ pre-order a very limited edition tape below ⤵


"I love the way that piece moves" - Mary Anne Hobbes (BBC 6 Music)

"There's a lot of, wow - colour, texture, thoughts" - Jill Scott

"This is dope" - Kit Records (NTS Radio)

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