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Crossing Lines III

The third of our annual compilations, Crossing Lines III combines dubbed out electronica (Le Son) with pop concrète (Tweed & Hyenas), curiously wonky electro-acoustic constructions (Edward A Guy), and heart-rending orchestra poetry (Sian Miriam), together with NX stalwarts Semi Precious and Rocheman.​ A euphorically uplifting compilation showcasing the wonderful hotbed of talent we enjoy here at Goldsmiths.

In the words of Matthew Herbert, ‘a new generation of musicians aren’t waiting around for some mythical A&R person to discover them and make them a star, they are making it happen on their own terms, both creatively and in business. I’m proud that NX is a new kind of structure that empowers and enables them rather than ties them up in knots chasing the next big single. Most importantly, and unsurprisingly of course given the history and context of Goldsmiths, the music is brilliant - a statement of intent that the NX generation is coming and it’s doing so on its own terms.'

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